Ignore the USB comment above. Setting the output on the card to PCM khz and I’m all set. Also have daughter card for surround sound output. Above the larger chip is the power-supply section, featuring multiple voltage-regulator chips, a large number of Nichicon Fine Gold electrolytic capacitors, and two purple Sanyo OsCon caps. I bought this sound card with the intention of streaming spdif out to my pioneer 09tx so I could listen to high def FLAC on my stereo system. But that’s not all.

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I have never seen anything better from any company. Recording of December Six Suites for Viola Solo.

The cost is a lot because you will need not only a better DAC but the cabling has to be good too. Submitted by Mirko on April 21, – 2: Logitech Squeezebox Touch audlo music player. The Xonar Essence ST is capable of achieving an industry-leading dB SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio in signal clarity and offers a built-in headphone amplifier to obtain the best performance out of any available pair of headphones.

The sound is a little more smoother and less harsh to my ears. It becomes even better when I play flac files at 24bit and 48, 96, and Khz.


Recording of October Bonus Recording of November Show More Show Less. From here on, unless otherwise noted, my comments refer auxio both cards.

World’s first Precision Clock Tuning for Revolutionary PC Hi-Fi audio

Roon Labs Roon v. Thanks for the great and informative review. Setting the output on the card to PCM khz and I’m all set. Although almost all the components used, other than the electrolytic caps, are surface-mount types, the four output-stage op-amp chips are socketed 8-pin types, to allow the owner to experiment with other pin-compatible chips.

The Essence looks like any other soundcard, with one important difference: Extracting Music from your PC. For my part I have never had a problem with either playing resolutions of I had no idea that the quality of the card actually makes a difference when using spdif out.

The advantage of the Shuttle PCs is that they are dead quiet acoustically, meaning that I could place the PC in my equipment rack and use short interconnects to the preamp. What should I say? In fact there is a workaround. Skip to main content. This PCI card is the world’s first audio card to incorporate precision clock tuning to minimize audio jitter, bringing the user a clearer, crisper listening experience.


PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Its analog output circuitry is shielded by a grounded metal cover, this anodized black with a stylized image of a Chinese tiger printed in gold.

I don’t have anything local for easy comparison. The Best Jazz Albums of Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier.


For a primer on this subject, read my article. If you have the free Audacity software it can be done.

I don’t go for marketing of oligonucleotides injected into titanium mono-filament cables jacketed with carbon nano-fibre woven kevlar bulletproof sleeves. My receiver to decode or the asus PCM chips? Most advanced sound card I have ever encountered. Since Asus decison-makers and Asus’ direct competitors, like HTOmega are probably reading these comments, here are three suggestions for future products:.