The Screen When first powering up, the first I noticed was a bright green dot in the upper left corner of the screen! Averatec is currently the fastest growing laptop manufacturer, and lightweight machines are a major section of the market. This will drain the battery faster, of course. Post them in our Discussion Forum! This is excellent design, unless you prefer the cable-less look to the annoyance of having to flip around or lean over your machine to plug something into it. Also be aware that you embark on these upgrade adventures at your own risk.

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The has no infrared or bluetooth abilities. This will drain the battery faster, of course. High speed, state wirelfss the art processors don’t jibe well with “miniaturization” because of heat dissipation issues. I have not had too may errors mistyping anything due to the smaller layout, despite my big hands. I have not found anyone who has successfully swapped out the stock unit, probably 310 to the fact it is buried inside the computer. The dreaded dead pixel!

Averatec P Notebook Computer Review

Popular Products Averatec Notebook Questions. It feels like it takes the same amount of time to charge that it does wureless discharge. The series offers a great deal of value for the price. Averatec left-side view lid open view larger image Opening the lid requires a bit of heft, and is steadily held in place when you let go of it, no matter what angle you release it.


More like a possible The display isn’t top of the line, but it’s very usable and didn’t leave our eyes aching at the end of the day.

The stereo speakers built into either side of the chassis are not the greatest quality, but on par for laptop speakers.

However, the H and the P sport a couple of significant differences. Thelike many slim laptops, offers only a single CardBus—a. The Averatec models have Powering up again, there were no dead pixels yay! Overall, I find this laptop pleasing to look avsratec, which kind of surprises me, considering the price. The small company, formerly known as Sotec, is shipping a thin-and-light laptop, the series, that provides a unique case design and a cool scroll-button setup.

This allows you to toggle the wireless on and off without using the built-in Windows wireless control applets. Frequently the touchpad caused the cursor to jump around, making precision movements nearly impossible, with small random motions when you put down 3105 pick up your finger. The light would wifi button lit up on the screen it said I had a connection but no The starts with the basic communication methods. The biggest downsides of the are the poor graphics adapter and a short battery life.

PC Card—expansion slot for additional functions. After applying the registry fix, I now get about 2: Compare These Lenovo Yoga C We got about 2. While trying to burn one of my Ritek G05 DVD-Rs it spat out a coaster, and the second one it failed to burn the lead-out.


Placed right there, next to my right hand and in between me and averaetc DVD drive, the USB ports would be a real inconvenience with something plugged into them.

Averatec 3150P

The 1350 amount of RAM, average processor and standard hard drive are not going to make you a power user. It has three USB 2. It is on the right side of the laptop, probably the most common location. Key travel and size are within the standard margins, and the tactile response was textbook feel for a good laptop keyboard.

Battery Since there averatdc a vast number of variables in how much power a laptop draws, I decided that rather than try to comprehensively test it under all conditions that I would base my tests on some approximation of normal to heavy usage.

I packed it up, and went back to Staples for an exchange, which was no problem.

Why Averatec does not post this fix on their web site is beyond me.