From the partitioning option screen, create the partition size you want by pressing C. Disabled Disable onboard Serial port 1. That’s great that you got windows to load with pc! I just wanted to mention that this board is a Perfect match with the xp Again it installs and I still get the blue screen. That’s a great score — what would you pick for the best video card for your k8ns ultra ? After that, the driver will not have to be installed.

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Make sure your drive is detected by your SATA controller. Enter suspend if button is pressed less than 4 seconds. Move it from the Free Disks block to the Array Disks block by pressing the rightarrow key.

Suspicious Activity Detected

But hey, not every cpu clocks the same. HTT goes from mhz.

But I force to use the driver on the flop. If Gigabyte is going to market to the enthusiast overclocking comunity then you need to do something about these issues now! You will be asked to confirm the password.

LOL im buying one too But please remember, connected to internet at first, then you could have a internet BIOS update from your Technical Reference.


Board and cpu arrived a day early. The one I got is ga-k8js.

When the controller menu Fig. The Clear disk data prompt appears. As for my previous issues on this board, I’ve got my fingers crossed. Wata Mar 28, 4: The CPU fan connector supports Max.

Gigabyte GA-K8NS Pro

Mainly would look like two cards real close to each other with no clear winner nvidia would win the usual stuff they do good in and radeon winning their usual tests. When and where did you buy it from? Not cold boot issue when oc’ing anymore, i dont have to set the clock to first, i just set 10x and it rocks! What are you guys using to monitor CPU temp. You cannot post new topics in this forum Gs-k8ns cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Just got a reply from my last message.

I still refuse to buy MSI, so this is the only viable option atm. For power End-User use only! Maybe not like others, you are very experienced in BIOS updating and spend quite a lot of time to do it.


Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. I tried F6 and it broke the ddr setting, forcing a memory divider. It achieves More information.

Gigabyte k8NSNXP/K8NS Ultra tips, tricks and guide thread [Archive] – XtremeSystems Forums

So far my K8NS ultra is kicking sat snot out of my Neo2 plat. Even using the pgo, I can only get to mem speed HTT anything more and it has stability issues My CPU is supposedly 70c running burn in wizard on both low priority Use the silicon images driver provided by MS in they’re auto update section.

Load Fail-Safe Defaults Fail-Safe Defaults indicates the value of the system parameters which the system would be in safe configuration. Lithan, what does your board look like?

Um, thanx for the tip 5 months late!