Can you update appstream-glib possibly to the version in f26… , reboot and try again? Would you mind looking at https: If you would like to test this, you first need a version of fwupd that is able to talk to the hardware. Logitech MX How do I get the mouse wheel and the extra buttons on this to work? I have no idea what I did, just succeded by very persevering “trial and error”, odd thinking and serendipity.

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Logitech M Wireless Mouse with Back/Forward Buttons & Precision Scrolling

Richard’s outside interests logihech taking photos and eating good food. In case the AWS link dies or for some other reason needs to be redirected to another host.

Like surf, play videos, skype, etc. After Installation is complete, you will need to reboot. I created a secure account for Logitech and this allowed them to upload the firmware into a special testing branch.

Since this appears to be done in the hardware itself, I don’t know if it’s advisable to use them for anything else. My hands fit a trackball better. Download the unifying software. Andrew Lambert 1, 1 11 It’s comfortable and everything, but it broke, or rather, stopped working, after 2 years.

I actually use a trusty ,ogitech. I can confirm, this works on Fedora 25, Arch Linux and Manjaro. You can connect up to six Unifying devices to this tiny receiver. But when trying to run the update, it says the new firmware is not as new as the firmware installed, though the version seems lower? Then reboot, or restart fwupd.


Share your knowledge at the LQ Wiki. The subsequent project, [lomoco], seems to be unmaintained, somewhat at the moment, yet it still sees development.

Updating Logitech Hardware on Linux

Both comments and pings are currently closed. I rebooted and ran fwupdmgr refresh after installing the above RPMs and editing the config file.

However, fwupdmgr update reports No devices can be updated: How did you do that? If you would like to ,inux this, you first need a version of fwupd that is able to talk to the hardware. However, it installed a different version than the one in the example.

Logitech Devices on Ubuntu Linux (and others) |

They lniux sent me some of the affected hardware, and gave me access to the engineering team that was dealing with this issue. It seems this receiver is indeed a nano receiver with the ability to understand the unifying protocol to handle unifying peripherals my M A macro photo of the tip of an unsharpened 2 pencil, showing the wood detail.

One might think the receiver is merely a plain nano-receiver, but running lsusb shows differently: Half the buttons were not working and couldn’t be used. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. When pressed, it sends a ButtonPress event with state 0x10 and button 11and another ButtonPress event with state 0x10 and button 4 and yet another one ButtonPress event with state 0x and button 4 the last two being the same behaviour as if the scroll wheel was moved one step up.


Learn more about Unifying. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2. Shortly after this announcement, Logitech prepared an update which mitigated some of these problems, and then again a few weeks later prepared another update that worked around and fixed the various issues exploited by the malicious firmware.

Thank you for your diligence in this area. Ideally this would be something provided by the manufacturer similar to open source Linux drivers by default.