My Jabra Pro set was failing at the plug, creating intermittent dropouts. D I’m sorry but that is pathetic for a carrier. My current , past , or previous employers are not responsible for what I write here, the comments left by others, or the photos I may share. I got the fix to work with some direct help from a “hints” participant. Retail versions of this phone are no longer receiving security updates according to the Lenovo Support Site [18] , so it will apparently remain unpatched carrier support may vary. Also, some people are saying the camera is a bit better, and that the earpiece on the handset itself is louder.

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Once added Bluetooth synchronization of Contacts and Moden will work. Samsung 3G Network Extender. I’d rather not get the Toshiba BT card if I don’t have to.

I’m really hoping someone can help me out here. The Z6 supports the following video formats: I just want a phone.

e & Motorola v cable connection | – SmartPhone and PDA Discussion

Now I have BT iSync functionality. Nov 4, Posts: The guy at Verizon couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t just program in my phone numbers with the phone I could only do phone numbers with my old hacked version. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Anonymous on Jul 11, ’05 I just want a phone though, I don’t need and won’t use: Mainy I wanted the MP3 player.


Check ebay and DON’T get the future dial cable.

How to unlock Motorola V |

I did this, and my current metaclasses. Better than ANY other service provider, hands down. I’m assuming that all you need to edit the file is a b710 editor Textwrangler, etc We’re happy to help.

V70 Turbo by Motorola. Click on that button, and you get a new window, with a different set of options Still confused after watching the video? HINT- look at the web address that people linked to for certain files Weird, but it works now.

Before I show you how to do it, let me comment it is exactly the same procedure as before. Cenotaph Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: I have both working, tho i find the data cable to be really unreliable.

Wait till it says the flash has completed. I tried editing it again, but had no luck connecting to the phone via bluetooth this time Motoeola OS’s Bluetooth could see it, but iSync never found it.


e355 & Motorola v710 cable connection

Another way to do it, for you GUI folks is to modify the file by browing to it in the finder just like motorol, but then you MUST change the owner and group back to root: Just removed it and got it working. BTW, the Nokia Phone is what i was talking about.

Flashing your Motorola v pics 24 posts. You might need a quick Wireless Workshop. I am very impressed with the ear piece. We needed to delete these lines as well, and retry it several times, for it to work.