A power transistor on the driver board supplies the ground that will activate the switch coil. The remaining entries change sequentially and are different for each module. They must be ordered separately. Driver Cable and Switch Cable Length Limitations When you connect multiple driver boards and switches at a distance from the A, voltage drop limitations due to switch drive requirements, switch quiescent current, drive transistor drop, cable resistance, and LED current must be taken into account. Compatible Switches Table Agilent Technologies shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

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In all other areas, products must be returned to a service facility designated by Agilent Technologies.

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If the shipping container or cushioning material is damaged, the contents should be checked both mechanically and electrically. Personnel should be grounded with a resistor-isolated switfh strap before touching the center pin of any connector and before removing any assembly from the instrument. Seal the shipping container securely with strong nylon adhesive tape. The power supply allows the switch driver four switching operations at the same time. After the initial 30 ms closure pulse, an additional 20 ms swwitch is allowed for the sense lines to settle.

The wrist-strap and wrist-strap cord are not included. The laser radiation symbol is marked on products that have a laser output. To reliably install the pin connector to the ribbon cable use the following 3M tools.


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Use the five-bit binary address switches located on the rear panel of the instrument to change the GPIB address. The A puts out a minimum of The internal driver is set to card 1.

It is assumed that each A driver assembly will be in a separate grounded switch matrix box. Place the switch driver after wrapping it with packing material, in its original shipping container or a strong shipping container that is made of double-walled corrugated cardboard with kg lb bursting strength.

Handle all PC board assemblies and electronic components only at static-safe work stations.

If the agreement requires that specific Agilent Technologies products must perform as a system in accordance with the foregoing warranty, then that warranty will apply to those Agilent Technologies products as a system, and Customer retains sole responsibility to ensure the year readiness of its information technology and business environment.

The internal driver card is set to card 1. Before connecting any coaxial cable to an instrument connector for the first time each day, momentarily ground the center and outer conductors of the cable. If other switches are used, this energy must be limited to less than 10 millijoules to prevent damage to the switch driver circuit.

Operating and Attdnuator Guide. When installing the product in a cabinet, the convection into and out of the product must not be restricted. Card 1 shown below is the factory default setting.


Using the Internal Driver 1. Store or transport PC board assemblies and electronic components in static-shielding containers. The front-panel LEDs should turn on and off while the switch driver is sditch the self-test. Use this software only with the A.

Place the switch driver in its original packaging materials. The A distribution board should be used to connect the switch driver to switches and attenuators.

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Never use styrene pellets in any shape as packaging materials. WIDTh on page The first six entries are the same for all identical modules; they only change when a change in the electrical or physical functionality is made. When it is connected to an appropriate ac power receptacle, this cable grounds the instrument cabinet.

During the warranty period, Agilent Technologies will, at its option, either repair or replace products that prove to be defective. Always refer to your instrument by its full model number and serial number.

Intentional interruption is prohibited.