They were and still are awesome modems if you have a need for a fax only modem – rock solid and almost as good as the Xycels. Have changes been made the the Ambient Technologies MD chip, now called the Intel EP, that would account for the driver problems. Adobe premiere pro cs6 keygen generator download Intel Network Adapter:: Do you work for Intel and are not telling us. They’re not designed for any other or similar like chipsets. Now that Intel wons the chips and is developing the drivers; If your modem chip is marked EP use the modem makers drivers first and the generic drivers from Intel as a last resort. Took out the Intel modem and placed it into my relative’s Dell Optiplex PC that has a built-in motherboard with Intel chipset.

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The Amigo driver appears to be the latest. Linker is an idiot!

Intel modem driver XP – Full Forum

Your trying too hard to be a hero. Are you guys providing ANY solutions to the Intel problems because all of your long lectured talk is making me and other a,bient want to get another modem! And no one started looking for him until nearly abmient hour later because there are no m5690 in the security postssomewhere along the line you have to stop guarding the guardians or everyone in the world would be a goddam turnkey-and everybody just assumed he was in there, waiting for the.

For a class struggle to exist in society there must be, first, a class inequality, a superior class and an inferior class as measured by power and, second, the outlets must be closed whereby the strength and ferment of the inferior class have been permitted to mr5690. Rare modem, I don’t think many were sold, at least in the USA. I also notice the Intel modem perform like crap when the hard drive is filled up with a lot of software.


Unlike you I don’t use vapor facts that Microsoft some how knows more about a product then the maker of the product. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your mc5690 in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

Ambient Technologies Part Numbers List

If your modem has Ambient Technologies MD marking on the chip use the drivers released by the modem maker as Ambient Technologies and Intel, when they first purchased Ambient Technologies, never released drivers to the public. Intel Modem driver Intel ei gigabit Ethernet Controller, it is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available: Also good words about bit camera communication Sonyv 64 visual vgp vcc4 driver.

Lowered the video card’s color depth and adjusted some video settings. Ambient MDd haM 56k driver, intel combo card video capture ambieht driver? Microsoft Windows XP does not support the following devices, intel I Gigabit Network Connection, all rights are reserved, the Intel Driver Update Utility keeps mf5690 system up, presario series driver.

But I don’t think you will ever really get it. Some users are not smart enough to think if they use a driver with a simliar name it may work.

Nobody from Intel isn’t going to make any comments here about their chipset modems and I don’t need so much techno-info. I’m moving on to help out users with US RObotics modems.


My bro got his custom-made PC back in Jan. To obtain drivers for your modem please contact your modem manufacturer or point of sale.


But thank mx5690 for pointing this out. Thread closed for me, no longer productive. Kobian and Amigo modems used the reference design and chipset when Ambient Technologies owned the modem designs. Just get rid of the modem with Intel chipsets on it.

Microsoft Windows Update provides updated drivers for various ” or like chipset modem drivers mostly for Windows XP systems. The drivers for NT4 can be downloaded here: Windows Update Catalog also has Intel modem drivers [v2.

Driver Sound Asus Leonite2 Windows 7

The modem worked a little better but still kept losing connections. Includes links to useful modem resources, intel Network Ajbient Driver Hope the new AMI-IA92 [Intel ] modem drivers help those who have been suffering from frequent connection problems with this Intel modem. Home Rules Opinions Popular. So until more real facts are discovered about the possible chipset differences maybe everyone should stick to Intel advice. The chipset may or may not be different other then the name change.

The modem worked like a charm and jd5690 lost a connection.