Select a paper tray. Page Scanning Procedure Load the next document. The blank separators are inserted. Paper loaded here is not used for copying or printing. Step 2 Selecting Features 3 Copy Place the document face down, and align it against the top left corner of the document glass. When the relay station IDs and address numbers are two digits 2: To get the most out of the machine and to use it effectively, be sure to read this guide before use.

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The apeospory-iii shows the fax flow and reference sections. Currency Banknotes and checks Bank and government bonds and securities Select Keyword Displays the [Select Keyword] screen.

For information on Delayed Print operations, refer to the print driver’s help. Line 4 Connected to a public telephone network.

D-Finisher with Booklet Maker offers six different punch positions to choose from: The screen displays the description of the job template. One is the job flow that targets files stored in folders, and the other is the job flow that targets scanned data.

Stored Prefixes Allows you to use the screen keyboard to enter prefix text up to 16 characters. Color Scanning Selecting an Output Color Do not pull out a tray, otherwise it may cause injuries. You can print multiple files as one file. Close the document cover. Got it, continue to print. Two DTMF methods are available: Select [Private Charge Print]. Receiving Internet Fax 4 Fax You can use address numbers, one touch buttons, group dial numbers, or Address Book to specify e- mail addresses.


Page – Specifying a Destination Using the Addre For information on how to select a folder, refer to “Selecting a Folder” P.

Xerox ApeosPort-III C7600 Quick User Manual

The machine enters the Low Power mode after the preset time has elapsed if the machine is left unused for a fixed period of time. To view similar items click here.

Page 18 apeosport–iii Before Using the Machine Orientation of documents or paper is described in this guide as follows: Print Prints a Sample Set job.

The following shows the reference section for each feature. Changing Scan Settings You can change scan settings while scanning the document.

No sender information is added. Printing Submits a print job to the machine from a computer.

Select or enter apeossport-iii ratio. Switch the power off at the end of the day or when not using the machine for an extended period of time. Index Print Setting the Printing Options Index Print For the Media Print – Photos mode, a list of 30 x 40mm reduced images, plus the numbers, the file names, and the dates the images were exported to the media are printed.



CentreWare Internet Services Browser Settings Before using this service, ensure the following settings on your browser. Displays the [Change Quantity] screen. With this hidden text feature, the specified text is embedded in the entire sheet. Page – Encryption Sending E-mail Encrypted by Original Type selecting The Document Type Copy [Non-target Area Color] Screen This screen allows you to select the color to be used in place of the colors other than the selected source colors. Original Orientation Allows you to specify the orientation of the document to have the machine identify the top of the document.