My big concern was that the wideband O2 sensor was not talking to the ECU. My biggest concern with tuning is the timing map Don’t show this to me again and take me directly to the cart. Shop Ionizer and Controls. Here’s the dashboard I made. Turns out the signal wire was slightly unseated in the connector I wired in.

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I soldered everything yesterday and today, went ahead and fully populated the main board except for the cam control circuit and I must say I am very happy with my work so far. Enabled Power on value: Shop Circuit Breaker Accessories.

DLP-TXRX-G internal USB adapter with DIYPNP – Miata Turbo Forum – Boost cars, acquire cats.

I removed the wire from the O2 pin on the main board to the adapter adapteg so I am committed to starting up with the WBO2 sensor from the get go. Shop Filter Loss Gauges. Shop Tool Accessories and Parts.


Rectangular Lead Acid Batteries. Shop Video and RF. Shop Panel Mount Indicators. Shop Audio, Video Connectors. Shop Fiber Optic Products.

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My big concern was that the wideband O2 sensor was not talking to the ECU. That obviously isn’t right so I went back and read up some more. Shop Rectangular Lead Acid Batteries. In any case, thank you Jeff. dlp-txrx-

Shop Basic Snap Action Switches. Shop Electronic Enclosure Accessories. Shop Test Equipment Accessories. Shop Semiconductor Development Kits. Everything is going well so far, except I definitely need bigger injectors already on their way.

I live in Puerto Rico so it can be a big hassle getting things I definitely don’t want to touch anything on the Microsquirt module. After that I will be much closer to firing the car up. Shop Terminal Blocks and Strips.

Find More Posts by Ben. Maybe my friend could figure out how to build a level shifter, but I’m probably better off just soldering in the DB9 and using a dongle adapter. Shop Time Delay Relays. Shop Disconnect Switches Isolators. I’m actually an avionics technician but my job does not include troubleshooting to the component level. I was pleased to find that the plastic was very thick as I’d been hoping to just tap the IAT hsb directly into the plastic.


Shop Magnetic Field Sensors. If a mod could do that I’d appreciate it. You’ll still have a chance to dl;-txrx-g your order. Shop Power Entry Module Accessories.

DLP-TXRX-G internal USB adapter with DIYPNP

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The only issue I’m really having is with the car wanting to stumble when coming up to a stop sign. I think I might be able to get the car started up sooner than I had anticipated – just need to source a pipe for the MAF delete axapter spend some time working on the physical aspects of the car.