What is your technical support issue? Right-click in the blank space on your desktop and choose Personalize in the menu. The printer is not ready to print yet. With the DLP , you can easily print signs and labels to withstand most any condition nature or industry can dole out. If you are still unable to print normally, please contact our support team for help.

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In such instance, Graphic Products, Inc. Download quick start guides, printer manuals, software, printer drivers, and product catalogs. Graphic Products Duralabel Pro 2. Use one of our cleaning swabs, or a soft cloth with some isopropyl alcohol, to gently wipe the entire metal surface of the print head, especially the area that is pressed down when the system is closed. Printing Is Streaked Solution: Your printer is now loaded and ready to print.

The DuraLabel Toro can handle single pages up to 30 inches long. Page 12 Figure 15 Ribbon supply 4. Apply the paper core to the ribbon rewind spindle, centering it using the measurement marks.

Petroleum-Resistant ribbon has part numbers ending in 20; Premium ribbon has part numbers ending in Correct this selection, and click OK to save changes and close this window. How to Load DuraLabel Bronco. Save your label design, and close out of the label design program. This is usually a very quick fix, especially if the label stock was changed while the printer was still on. How to Create Floor Marking Corners. Right-click on the entry for your DuraLabel printer, and choose Printing Preferences.


DuraLabel PRO 300 User Manual

Try opening the lid the whole top half of the machine all the way, and closing it again. When you are ready to print, be sure to load the correct wundows in the correct orientation. Die-cut Label Printing Instructions 5 times, alternating red and amber 5 times and then turn solid green.

After restarting, try printing your label once more. This may be all it takes to start printing again. The ribbon should roll down the back of the back roller, forward underneath the print head but above the black sensor bar, and onto the front of the front roller. This problem usually comes up with labels that are more than thirty inches long, printed from older Toro systems.

Make sure the tape is fed through the two guides at the cartridge exit. If this option is checked, un-check it. Customized software Redefine your visual communication program with LabelForge and DuraSuite labeling software.


Connecting The Printer 3. If the printer still does not respond normally, please contact our support team for windws.

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Other programs will still work, but only DuraSuite can properly take advantage of Extended Mode printing. It will feed out some label stock during this process; once it stops, you can safely open the printer, unlatch the print head, and roll the label stock back in.

Call Us Toll Free from the U. Select the Stock tab.

How to Load DuraLabel Kodiak. This can be caused by dust in the printer, on the print head itself or on the label stock, especially if your printer or supplies are stored in the open. Apply the ribbon supply spindle to the rear hub, with the ribbon leader dropped down. Cleaning the DuraLabel Catalyst.