Critical update for Rescue and Recovery v3. I believe some of the following steps may have performed automagically during installation I simply don’t remember whether they were or not , but you should perform all the steps anyway to make certain that everything is set up correctly. Remote bug watches ubuntu-bugzilla Edit Bug watches keep track of this bug in other bug trackers. I did an ugly hack: Screen is comparable in brightness and contrast less yellow than the aged screen in my T If you don’t want to insert the CD each time you update your system, comment this out by inserting the character at the front of the line.

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Coldplug is not added to the system. ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software for Windows 8.

On my system, the wireless light on the panel below the screen never lights up under Ubuntu, but the light seems to work correctly on other people’s systems. How well does it integrate? Open a terminal, go to that directory, and enter the following commands:. OK, so we’re getting pretty late in the game for Hoary. I’d be surprised if it makes much difference, although there are some things like changing the screen brightness that Vista doesn’t change automatically – although that’s easy to change from the keyboard manually.


If your thinkpd does not work properly after rebooting, restart the machine and use the Grub editing commands to add the string nohdparm to the line that boots the kernel. Can this bug please get some love?

This is not a major bug. Save the file and reboot.

Open a terminal and enter these commands:. Thanks for your help. Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use. Tested on TP T Ben Collins ben-collins wrote on The program tpb ThinkPad Buttons makes all the Thlnkpad buttons and Fn-key combinations work as expected some buttons, such as the ivm that control screen brightness, are hardware-controlled and work under any operating system.

To correct this, download the latest Debian version of the program from the Debian. Client Security Solution 7.

The main thing that springs to mind is that some of the devices aren’t being set to D3 correctly – it’s probably worth taking a look at the kernel PCI suspend code, and checking that it actually does this my recollection is that it doesn’t, which probably isn’t the best way of doing it – on the other hand, blindly setting everything to D3 probably won’t help.

Eliminate this delay by opening a terminal and entering:. Edit the file by removing the character at the beginning of the line that will look like this when the character is removed:.


Ubuntu Linux 5.04 on an IBM ThinkPad T42

Update for Rescue and Recovery versions 2. In APM mode, the system suspends while using very little power.

Dep packages can be found: It’s targeted for laptops but can be used on acli computer with IDE disks. Vista appears to work well with most things being native.

I’ll back it out when something better comes along. As for installing ‘Message Centers’ and the likes – they’re a complete waste of disk space. Client Security Solution v6. Could r42 possibly attach the output of the lspci command? The top line of the file will begin something like this: The version of radeontool in breezy does not support ‘radeontool power off’, so I doubt that tools could have fixed the bug either.

Installing Ubuntu/Breezy on a ThinkPad T42 – ThinkWiki

Does this indicate some TP25 problem? More info on this can be found at http: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. This zcpi has been accessedtimes.