Ok so, this funktion is not in my BIOS. Card was connected good. And I tried exactly 10 different versions of drivers But I think, my cooling system works OK. Please login or register.

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It is recommended to use the updated k7s55a utility included in each BIOS download package. Also, I forgot to mention that this board has been tested with two PSUs.

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what is VgaSave?

I cannot test the CPU in another computer. It could just be that the board is just dead and nothing you do will revive it.

Pls can u tell me what else Fixed Morgan shows wrong string 3. There is no output on the screen.

Support C-Media Codec 3. Hi, So which MoBo have you changed to? Ligushka Ars Praefectus Tribus: Ans when I pressed start normaly, it restart the PC: Sounds like it already has. I doubt this means anything, though.


Check for leaking and venting capacitors. Remove Trend AntiVirus 5. The card works fine with no problems in another k7s5q Try the graphics card in another computer to be sure. Mon Aug 28, 3: Looks like it’s dead. Sat Aug 26, It could be that the motherboard doesn’t like the graphics card.

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Tonight I will post in which MB was it tested. Look at my signature to get an idea of what we’re looking for.

Adjust timing for stability and compatibility 2. CMOS has been cleared. You may as well have fired the machine up in a bucket of water.

ECS > K7S5A (V)

That rules out the graphics card being bad then. Maybe it is same, I dont know. Sun Aug 27, 2: Sep 9, Posts: I can test the RAM, however. Card was connected good. I can only reset PC and then, it is same Finding your details will be even more inconvenient if the post goes beyond one page.


I will also try to put a known good battery in there.