Handling Failure Failures in the storage stack are not well tolerated. DeviceExtensionSize – indicates the size, in bytes, of the miniport’s adapter-specific storage area which is similar to a WDM devices device extension. A Storport miniport driver must conform to defined Storport rules in order to provide the services that the adapter, whether virtual or physical, offers to the operating system. We call our driver, developed for this model, a miniport driver. Once that is done, Storport interacts with our miniport exclusively via the routines that we’ve defined in the structure.

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Storport driver miniport routines

Are we performing the operation or are we passing the request to some other entity to perform the operation e. Note that the documentation on this field does not indicate how its setting will affect the behavior of our miniport’s virtual adapter.

Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. As for what we do in this routine, it again depends upon the architecture of our miniport. AlignmentMask – contains a mask indicating the alignment restrictions for buffers sent to the adapter. You can install the supported driver first, and then upgrade to the new driver.

If the request can be processed asynchronously, then our driver has to provide the means for this to be accomplished. Getting Started with Storport For those of you who have never worked with Storport before let’s go over some basics.

We call our driver, developed for this miniportt, a miniport driver. AdapterScansDown – for a virtual adapter the setting of this field does not matter.


Storport Miniport Drivers – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

This function is the one that indicates to our miniport which SCSI operation is requested for the specified virtual device. To remove the driver in a Windows environment, uninstall it as a Plug and Play device as follows:. For some, there is probably nothing to do, but for others, initialization may entail more work. This topic, which is too big to be described by just one The NT Insider article, will be discussed over a series of articles and will culminate in the presentation of a fully functional Storport virtual miniport driver.

A miniport driver’s HwStorUnitControl routine is called to perform synchronous operations to control the state of storage unit device.

Before storprot or upgrading the driver, you must apply the Microsoft Storport update. This article starts us on the path of being able to design and implement one. What it means is that the miniport has accepted the SRB for processing.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Storport is a welcome relief to storage driver writers wishing stor;ort develop a driver that exports a virtual device.

The following are miniport driver routines: Please find links to each article in the series here: To install an updated version of the driver, follow the procedure provided for your Windows version.

How the virtual adapter is initialized will depend upon the design of the miniport being developed. Email Required, but never shown.


How do I know which driver is being used internally by my storage array controller driver. Possible values are 0 byte aligned1 word aligned3 long aligned and 7 longlong aligned. For more information about the support routines provided by the Storport driver, see Storport driver support routines.

FC HBA STOR Miniport Driver for Windows Readme File

Handling Failure Let’s start a basic discussion of these items. VS Express Now Supported. This structure exports the entry points that our miniport supports and provides some initialization data storpory Storport needs in order to understand our virtual adapter.

To add the FC adapter’s driver to an existing Windows system, follow the procedure provided for your Windows version.

Are the resources that we’re exporting accessible locally or remotely? A miniport driver’s HwStorAdapterControl routine is called to perform synchronous operations to control the state or behavior of an adapter, such as stopping or restarting the HBA for power management.

Summary Storport is a welcome relief to storage driver writers wishing to write a miniport for a virtual adapter. If this is not set to TRUE, the virtual adapter will not fully initialize. Which is better to design Storport or scsi port for a storage controller?