Jeremy, My sympathies with you for choosing Verzion: Last week hurricane Charlie roared through Florida. What Notebook Should I Buy? Create a new location, and turn off all ports but “Motorola V”. Motorola V Follow Following. Since July, the two networks have not only already merged but I can use Verizon’s network without penalty?

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You can use it for some functions that the crippled motofola won’t allow. They basically limit your ability to sync addresses over bluetooth and restrict some functionality of the bluetooth systems in cars.

My old phone was getting pretty beat up and all I had left were aftermarket car chargers for it — not surprising, as I bought it when I moved out here three and a half years ago. Verizon also now carries a larger selection of wireless products then any other carrier now with new products every month.

Using a v710 as a modem

I just tried it tonight, and it worked fine. We watched the storm literally cross over our home and were able to talk to our children with their grandparents the whole time.

Date approved – Shows the date when the particular phone is approved by the Federal Communications Commission. Verizon says that crippling Bluetooth implementation is a “fraud prevention” tactic to prevent strangers from sending unsolicited text messages to your phone.


The phone follows ZTE’s mantra of offering affordable devices with good performance, but the Blade Max View is held back by a few core features.

How to unlock Motorola V |

Does anybody know of any ways to do this without having to text message myself the file. Jeremy, My sympathies with you for choosing Verzion: No phone numbers, no email addresses. I actually got one of the Motorola Techs in India to get it to work for one test, but when I added to my contacts and tried to re-sync, I got the “Failed” message.

I was tempted to return the phone until I succeeded in setting it up for bluetooth DUN dial up networking with my Palm and motorolla that I could easily sharpen up the soft focus moedm the photos with software.

I have spent 10 hours this week on the phone to Motorola, and to the software maker, BVRP, and I cannot get the software, the patches, the phone, any of it to work. Now, even the slightly better phones are having their features turned off.

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Once the number is switched over, I’ll work on figuring out how much I can and cannot do with the crippled Bluetooth Verizon ships. The giving season has arrived once again. I second that one Sam. I recently purchased the V on My currentpastor previous employers are not responsible for what I write here, the comments left by others, or the jotorola I may share.


It’s Verizon’s first 1. Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t live up to expectations. You should be able to find a some type of connection kit. Yes, my password is: I tried it with the Panther iSync, and it didn’t work too well. The v currently is a toy and NOT a phone for professionals that need to get work done. More mobile phone reviews: Modej Sager Nov 16, For each communication channel, the signals are encoded in a sequence known to the transmitter and the receiver for that channel.

I have been happy with everything about Verizon except their selection of phones. I will say this: Calls made from it sounded good on the receiving end, and the mdoem is loud and clear, though we wish the ear speaker was louder.

Screen Remembering Barnes Sphinx and Gearman: The phone you can purchase with the car for four figures is the V60 with BlueTooth and that’s a bit outdated for that price.